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Download FLAC Album ONE OK ROCK – Ambitions

Japanese Version: Ambitions -Introduction- Bombs away Taking Off We are 20/20 Always coming back Bedroom Warfare Lost in Tonight I was King Listen (featuring Avril Lavigne) One Way…

Download FLAC Single TRUE – Divine Spell

Divine Spell Fraction Divine Spell (off vocal) Download

Download FLAC Single ZAQ – Serendipity

Serendipity Night Viewing find the wind Serendipity (Instrumental) Download

Download FLAC Single Mami Kawada – Break a spell

Break a spell remaining snow Break a spell <instrumental> remaining snow <instrumental> Download

Download FLAC Single Momo Asakura – Ashita wa Kimi to

Ashita wa Kimi to. (明日は君と。) Hana ni Akai Ito (花に赤い糸) Ashita wa Kimi to. (Instrumental) Download

Download FLAC Album Aimer – daydream

insane dream ninelie with chelly (EGOIST) twoface Higher Ground for Lonely with Abe Mao (for ロンリー) Chouchou Musubi (蝶々結び; Butterfly Knot) Kataomoi (カタオモイ; Unrequited Love) Hz (ヘルツ) Kowairo…